Rod & Tanya were both raised in the Prescott & Dewey areas of Arizona and have raised their family there as well.  It has always been their dream to own and operate a working ranch, which has come true with a lot of hard work and perseverance over the past 14 years. 

Settler Valley Ranch is comprised of approximately  4,000 acres, located in Dewey.  The ranch is a "green ranch" totally off grid & solar operated, proudly raising & providing all natural products for their family and yours.

Rod & Tanya raise Registered Hereford Cattle, as a fresh source of 100% Range-fed beef.  They call their beef "Beyond Organic", because there is absolutely no antibiotics, hormones or GMO feed that is given to their cattle.

They also raise Seasonal Heirloom Vegetables.

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Our Story
One of our Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian dogs protecting the cattle
100% Range Fed Beef & Heirloom Vegetables
Rounding up cattle for branding
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