Tanya is not only passionate about agriculture, she is also passionate about rural Arizona. 

Tanya serves on many boards in her rural community as well as serving as a volunteer leader with 4-H youth.  

Tanya is one of thirty five individuals in the state of Arizona selected to participate in Project CENTRL which stands for "The Center for Rural Leadership". 

Project CENTRL is all about cultivating passionate educated leaders who provide a voice for and serve rural communities in Arizona.   Project CENTRL is an intensive two-year educational program that gives selected individuals an exceptional personal and professional leadership development experience that: 
·         Strengthens and expands personal leadership skills
·         Accelerates lifelong learning and abilities to problem-solve on complex contemporary issues
·         Creates a statewide network with over 500 alumni in communities throughout rural Arizona

Project CENTRL Mission Statement 
To assist highly motivated leaders improve and expand 
their leadership skills to become more effective and 
responsive in meeting the needs of rural 
people in public affairs
Tanya is very excited to have been chosen to participate in Arizona's premier rural leadership training program, Project CENTRL
Giving Back to the Community
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100% Range Fed Beef
Chaperoning 4-H kids at a Parelli Natural Horsemanship event
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (& women) to do nothing". Edmund Burke
Educating 4th graders about the importance of creating Defensible Space against wildfire around their homes
Awarding a Yavapai County Farm Bureau Print Media Award
Meeting with Congresswomen Anne Kirkpatrick and discussing important issues to farming and ranching in Arizona
Volunteering at the Marana Community Farm