What is a Miniature Hereford?
First, they are purebred Herefords!  Next, they are a smaller purebred Hereford, weighing in around 800 lbs. and standing under 38" in height at maturity compared to the modern Herefords weighing over 3,000 lbs. and standing about 65".  They're similar in confirmation to the Hereford of the 1960's and before, which were short legged and chunky.  They are easier to handle than the larger breeds & more docile by nature.
The smaller Hereford has been developed in pursuit of the perfect beef animal.  There are millions of people who have moved from the city to small urban areas and farms, the little Herefords are ideal to fill the need for backyard beef on such places & can be used as a secondary source of income or a fulltime business, they may qualify your small ranch for agricultural tax exemption status & other tax benefits as well* because they are considered an exotic form of livestock.  
They are easy to handle & make excellent show animals.  They are more economical, 2 or 3 may be kept in place of one standard bovine.  Some even use them for pets, or just as a hobby to enjoy!

*Consult your tax advisor for possible tax benefits
"Sarah Jane", a new addition to our Hereford herd.  
Registered Miniature Herefords
100% Range Fed Beef
"Angel" & her new calf being watched over by "Girl" one of our Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs.
If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of owning Registered Miniature Herefords & would like to see them up close and personal at Settler Valley Ranch please contact us by phone or 
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