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Picture a herd of about 90 goats eating away at large sections of overgrown brush, weeds, thistle, & anything that is flammable! It's clean, it's quiet, and it's ecologically better than any other land clearing efforts. On top of that goats will naturally fertilize the ground and keep it well packed!

Goats can be used effectively in almost any location or terrain type, especially in terrain too rocky or steep for human or machine clearing.  Because the goats are tightly managed by trained handlers, they are kept from overgrazing and make a wonderful option for brush abatement, brush management, & weed control.
With proper control, goats can be used to scale back the threat of wildfires especially in Wildland/Urban Interface areas.

Defensible Space Against Fire
100% Range Fed Beef
A fire that burned down to a goat made fuel break and stopped!
Brush before goat treatment
Brush after goat treatment
Settler Valley Ranch Nannies & kids working together to clear brush!
Settler Valley Ranch Goats Working on United Christian Youth Camp in Prescott, AZClick here to add text.
Settler Valley Ranch Goats Working on The Nature Conservancy's Hassayampa River Preserve in Wickenburg, AZClick here to add text.
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Goats Working on Highland Pines Subdivision